Monday, April 19, 2010

My son's first trout of 2010!

A new species is discovered at Foster Reservoir! Look closely.

Proof that alcohol can be lethal. No, I was not fishing under the influence!

A better look at the new species. I'm not kidding, I actually reeled this thing in! Not sure if it is good eatin' or not...

Lovin' a stringer full of trout! Thanks for the great photo, son!

Tight Lines!


  1. You do find some strange things when you fish a reservoir. I'll mention a few on my post from yesterday.


  2. Definitely an unusual species there. Ya' never know what you might reel in anymore.

  3. LOL,

    Sure your kid will be a great fisherman in the future. It was a beautifull scene father and son fishing together, it brought me some good memories.